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Car accidents can have tragic consequences

Crashes seem to be happening more and more due to the increased volume of traffic on Nevada roadways these days. Unfortunately, thousands of people are involved in automobile crashes each year. Even minor accidents such as fender benders can cause unwanted stress to those affected. Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences, but when the at-fault driver flees the scene, it only exacerbates the trauma and stress of those involved. Las Vegas police are seeking information after a driver fled the scene of a recent fatal accident.

Things that could hurt an accident claim

We hope our readers had a fabulous and enjoyable Independence Day holiday. But in Las Vegas, the holiday party is expected to go through the weekend given that we live in a major tourist destination. With guests arriving from across the world, it is not uncommon for mistakes on the road to lead to car accidents around Southern Nevada.

Nevada motorist loses life due to alleged negligent driver

The state of Nevada is in the midst of a population boom, making roadways across the state more crowded than ever before. Navigating these roadways can be one of the most challenging tasks in the daily lives of Nevadans. More vehicles sharing the road means a higher risk of encountering a negligent driver. A recent accident in Las Vegas left one motorist dead and another motorist in handcuffs.

Woman dies in crash caused by an alleged negligent driver

Cities in Nevada are thriving these days, and populations are on the rise. With an increasing population comes an increase in the number of vehicles sharing the road, which in turn leads to more accidents. Navigating increasingly crowded roadways can be a difficult task, one that becomes even more difficult when faced with careless or distracted drivers. Recently in Las Vegas, a woman was killed in an accident caused by an alleged negligent driver.

Guard against uninsured drivers

From fender bender to head-on collision, motor vehicle accidents are inconvenient, frustrating and often deadly. If you are on vacation or traveling in a state you are unfamiliar with, the process is even more complex as you worry about how to get your car fixed and how to get your medical bills paid for.

Driver arrested after auto accident kills teen

An accident typically occurs when we least expect it. Often, when a person gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the furthest thing from his or her mind is being involved in a crash. However, statistics show that driving is one of the most dangerous things a person can do, especially these days on crowded Nevada roadways. Recently, a tragic auto accident claimed the life of teenage boy and left the driver behind bars.

Negligent driver critically injures Nevada cyclist

For some residents in Nevada cities these days, biking is a main source of transportation. Most of the time vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians alike share city streets without incident. However, rising populations mean there are more and more people sharing the road. The constant flow of traffic on city streets can pose risks to all commuters. Recently in Las Vegas, police say a negligent driver critically injured a young bicyclist who was attempting to cross a street.

3 things to do after a ridesharing accident

Ridesharing applications have become a popular way for people to get around, but the convenience does not come without its fair share of risks. Many ridesharing users are unaware that they may not be covered if they are injured in an accident while using Uber or another ridesharing service. According to a NBC News, some states are now warning passengers to make them aware.

Toddler killed in tragic Nevada auto accident

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death in America these days. Navigating crowded roadways can be a difficult task, especially in a state experiencing a population boom like that of Nevada. More vehicles sharing the road increases the chances of an auto accident occurring. Unfortunately, some of these accidents have fatal results. Tragically, a toddler in Reno recently died as a result of injuries suffered in a multi-vehicle crash.

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