Wrong way car crashes increasingly account for a significant number of injuries and deaths on Nevada roadways. As alert as most of us are when operating a motor vehicle, few expect to encounter another vehicle coming at them as they drive on one of our Interstate highways. Tragically, that is exactly what occurred in a recent fatal car accident in Interstate 15 near the Las Vegas Speedway.


The Nevada Highway Patrol has indicated that a wrong way driver was responsible for the recent tragedy. A 20-year-old man is said to have driven a car in the wrong direction on I-15 south. He crashed into an SUV going in the correct direction.

The SUV overturned, killing the 58-year-old male driver and a 28-year-old female passenger. They were both from out of state. The wrong way driver was killed as well. In addition, four other passengers were critically injured, tough it was not immediately clear in which vehicle each was riding. They were being treated at a Las Vegas hospital.


Nevada authorities have not indicated if other factors were involved in the fatal car accident. As the investigation proceeds, the first thoughts are for the full recovery of those injured in the crash. If the preliminary evidence is confirmed, it is likely that the collision will spawn multiple personal injury and wrongful death claims against the estate of the wrong way driver, as well as any separate owner of the vehicle he was operating. The surviving family members of the deceased victims from the SUV, as well as representatives of those that were severely injured, may benefit by gaining an understanding of their rights under our laws.


Source: 8newsnow.com, “Three Dead in Wrong-Way Crash Near Speedway,” May 19, 2013