When police arrive onto the scene of an accident, their first concern is always with the individuals who have suffered injuries. However, after medical professionals arrive, police will then look to see what circumstances lead to the car accident. In some cases, allegations arise that one of the vehicles that was involved has left the scene, which will then lead Nevada police to begin their search for the vehicle’s driver.


In a recent fatal accident that killed a young man, police are continuing to look for the driver of a car that has been alleged to have been involved. Police were called to the scene of the accident in the early morning hours. When they arrived, they saw that one vehicle had crashed into a barrier. The driver, identified as being a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have stated that they believe that an unknown white vehicle may have been the cause of the accident. However, the car is alleged to have left the scene prior to law enforcement arriving. Police are now asking the public’s help in identifying the car and the driver.


There can be numerous questions that arise when an individual elects to leave the scene of a car accident. Hopefully, for the victim’s family, these questions can be answered in the weeks to come, which will give them some closure surrounding this tragic event. Further, the identification of the driver may give the victim’s family a chance to seek some financial relief if they elect to pursue a wrongful death claim in a Nevada court. Although this action will not be sufficient to alleviate the emotional grief, it may be able to provide them with the services they need to properly grieve.


Source: mynews3.com, “Vehicle sought in I-15 accident that kills North Las Vegas man,” June 15, 2013