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Nevada police identify driver involved in fatal car accident

A criminal investigation will often stem from a police investigation into a car accident. Although in many cases a Nevada fatal car accident will bring with it criminal charges against the driver of the vehicle alleged to have caused the accident, there are times when confusion can arise as to who was actually behind the wheel. This can throw a wrench into any civil investigation for a potential suit, but in most cases, is not a determining factor on whether such a case can be filed.

Car accident in Nevada kills person turning onto private drive

Everyone knows that a car accident on a busy highway is a definite possibility. Sometimes as people see their homes in sight and just have a few more feet to travel, they are relieved to have made it home safely. Unfortunately, a car accident can still occur with only a short distance until a person is home. Other vehicles may fail to see a person stopped to make a turn or a turning vehicle could fail to see oncoming traffic. The results can still be damaging and devastating for those involved.

Las Vegas pedestrian accident: Man struck, killed by pickup

Las Vegas drivers are tasked with obeying the law and being mindful of pedestrians and bicyclists along the roadway. Unfortunately, pedestrians that are more vulnerable are often subject to serious injuries due to their lack of protection against larger, enclosed vehicles. This vulnerability may be exacerbated when additional negligent factors, such as driving under the influence, are also involved. A recent fatal pedestrian accident underscores the point.

1 fatality listed in Las Vegas car accident

Local police are still investigating the particulars of a crash that claimed the life of one man and sent another three people to the hospital in critical condition. Las Vegas law enforcement reports the car accident happened early in the morning of June 30. No arrests have yet been made in connection with this accident.

Was Las Vegas death the result of a drunk driving accident?

A December trial has been scheduled for a Las Vegas woman on felony drunk driving accusations. The 26-year-old recently pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges stemming from a March accident. The collision resulted in the death of a 33-year-old man and injuries to his son. Prosecutors have termed the tragedy a drunk driving accident. They have alleged that the accused woman's BAC was more than double the legal limit in Nevada, and that she also had in excess of five times the legal limit in her blood for marijuana.

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