Everyone knows that a car accident on a busy highway is a definite possibility. Sometimes as people see their homes in sight and just have a few more feet to travel, they are relieved to have made it home safely. Unfortunately, a car accident can still occur with only a short distance until a person is home. Other vehicles may fail to see a person stopped to make a turn or a turning vehicle could fail to see oncoming traffic. The results can still be damaging and devastating for those involved.

A person was killed in a Nevada car accident as he or she was waiting to make a left turn. The driver’s vehicle was reportedly struck from behind as it was stopped in the roadway to enter a private drive. The impact caused the first vehicle to be pushed into the southbound lane and into oncoming traffic. A pick-up truck hauling a trailer then collided with the vehicle.

It was reported that the driver of the first vehicle sustained fatal injuries as a result of the multi-car accident. The other two drivers involved were also reported to have sustained injuries, though they were not considered life-threatening. Nevada Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident, and it has not been reported whether any charges have been filed concerning the accident.

A car accident can occur more quickly than can be imagined. A single moment of distraction can change someone’s life and the lives of others considerably. The family of the deceased victim involved in the accident will now have to face a possibly long grieving period as they mourn the loss of their loved one. The duty of arranging a funeral on top of the sudden passing the victim can add financial and further emotional strain. The family may wish to look into filing a wrongful death claim against the driver deemed at fault in the accident in order gain compensation for damages permitted under Nevada law.

Source: carsonnow.org, “One dead in three-vehicle crash on Highway 395 south of Gardnerville,” Jeff Munson, July 18, 2013