Possibly one of a parent’s biggest fears is that their young child could be hurt or even killed in an accident. Reports of a pedestrian hit by a car frequently involve children. One such child was recently struck by a car in a Nevada neighborhood.

Police have reported that a young child was struck by a car on a recent weekday evening. The youngster was said to have suffered facial injuries and the child did appear to have blood coming from the mouth. Due to the fact that there could have been a head injury involved, rescue personal decided to have the victim transported to the closest airfield. From there, the child was flown to a major regional care facility.

At this time police have stated that they do not believe that the driver will be charged. However, the police were still conducting their investigation. According to one official, the child was said to have walked out into the roadway and into the path of the car. For now, the collision is being considered an accident.

The condition of the young victim has not been released. Emergency workers routinely decide to fly out victims when there has been a pedestrian hit by a car and this child could have suffered serious head injuries that were not readily apparent. Even though the collision may not result in criminal charges being filed by the police, the family may decide to seek to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that they believe may be responsible for hurting their loved one. Medical expenses may bring additional worry to the family along with the concerns that their child may have lasting effects after being hit by a car. Nevada does have resources in place that could provide information to the family about options that may be available to them.

Source: carsonnow.com, “Child struck by vehicle on Pheasant Drive in Carson City flown to hospital via Care Flight,” Jeff Munson, July 18, 2013