A Nevada man who was killed in a crash was apparently attempting to flee another incident. The man that died in the car accident also caused three other people to be injured when his vehicle ran into theirs. Police seem to have evidence that the deceased man caused the second accident while trying to leave the scene of another less serious wreck.

When officials arrived at the location of the second wreck, they apparently discovered the driver of a two door car laying in the roadway. He was not able to be revived and was declared dead on the spot. The vehicle that was hit was a four door car with three male occupants.

The three men were all taken to the hospital for what were classified as survivable injuries. Police reportedly believe that the driver of the jeep failed to obey a traffic signal as he was leaving a parking area when he hit another car. The jeep driver was using his safety restraint at the time of the wreck.

Nevada police have not yet completed the investigation of the car accident. However, since the driver that is believed to have been at fault is now dead, there will not be any charges filed unless there are other circumstances that have not been released. Regardless of what may come of the police involvement, the three surviving victims of this accident may need extensive medical care and long term treatment for the injuries that they have suffered as a result of the collision. These young men and their families may be able to seek monetary compensation for the enormous medical bills and possible lost wages that are often a consequence from these types of wrecks. Filing a personal injury claim against the estate of the driver deemed responsible for their injuries is a potential legal remedy available to each of them.

Source: mynews3.com, “Man killed in Saturday accident near Texas Station identified,” July 29, 2013