A young student who had aspired to the police force after graduation from college has died. In what has become too common on the nation’s roadway, motor vehicle accidents have claimed another life full of promise. The Nevada 19-year-old was killed when the motorcycle he was riding was cut off when another vehicle crossed his travel lane.

The man who has been charged in this fatal accident had a recent court appearance. He has been accused of being under the influence when he drove his car across the path of the teen on his motorcycle. The driver is in custody and his bail is for a half million dollars. The state has asked for more time in order to process additional evidence against him.

The victim of this accident was attending a college in the hope of being accepted into the police academy for the state. He had been volunteering at the police department on a bi-weekly basis in order to gain more experience for his future career. Unfortunately, this horrible accident has left his family with only his memories.

The man who has been charged may possibly spend some time in jail due to his decision to drive while he may have been impaired. However, for the family of the victim, no punishment will be able to ease the pain of their loss. Nevada laws enable families of motor vehicle accidents, such as this one, to seek information concerning the filing of a civil suit against a driver who has caused this type of tragedy. No money could ever replace their lost loved one, but this family may be able to find relief from the enormous funeral expenses as well as a sense of closure and justice for their beloved young man.

Source: mynews3.com, Man accused of DUI in Explorer’s death back in court, Krystal Allan, Aug. 21, 2013