Nevada has seen their fair share of car accidents on its roadways. Now, the state officials and others are trying to reduce the number of wrecks that can be identified as a drunk driving accident. There are reports that have indicated that the number of alcohol related incidences are lower than the previous year, but there are still many such accidents. There have been two that have been reported recently.

The first drunk driving suspected crash happened on an early Monday morning. A driver had experienced a flat tire on his vehicle and he is reported to have pulled over to change it. While he was working on it, another driver in a truck hit the man. He was transported to a hospital for his injuries and the truck driver was charged with the suspicion of being intoxicated. The victim’s vehicle was destroyed in the collision.

Another recent wreck involved a luxury car that was carrying several passengers. A truck that was traveling in the opposing lane veered into the path of the luxury sedan and smashed into it. It is reported that several of the passengers in the car sustained injuries that required hospital stays. There were other cars that had been caught up in this wreck but there was no information regarding what injuries may have been suffered. The police are said to be reviewing the wreck as potentially being caused by an intoxicated driver even though no arrests have been reported.

Nevada officials are working to reduce the number of people who are being harmed as a result of a drunk driving accident. However, in spite of the best intentions of police and other agencies, these types of accidents will continue to happen. Victims who have suffered as a result of these wrecks may have the opportunity to at least seek recompense through our civil court system for their monetary damages.

Source:, “DUI-related crashes continue to plague Las Vegas roads,” Marissa Mike, Aug. 5, 2013