Driving is an everyday thing for most people. They usually do not think much of it, however many do not realize that the road is one of the most dangerous places. There could be unexpected obstacles of all types on the road, while other drivers can be quite unpredictable, which could cause a collision resulting in injury or even death. This is exactly what recently happened in a car accident in Nevada which caused the death of one person.

The incident happened one night in mid-September when a Nissan passenger car was traveling on the freeway. The car was struck by another vehicle a semi trailer truck. The collision caused the death of one 26-year-old man and one 25-year-old woman.

The driver of the truck claims he did not see the Nissan, but did not specify as to why he may not have seen the other vehicle. The crash caused the vehicles to come to a final rest at an off-ramp. The off-ramp had to be closed down for approximately 11 hours in order to allow investigators to attempt to determine what had caused the incident.

Although nothing can bring back the lost lives, the families of the decedents may be able to obtain some monetary reimbursement by filing wrongful death lawsuits against the driver of the semi trailer. This will help with the funeral costs and other expenses arising from the tragic incident. However, the plaintiffs will have to understand the relevant laws as well as use this knowledge the prove in court that the defendant is legally responsible for causing the fatal car accident in Nevada.

Source: ABC 13 Action News, Two people killed in I-15 semi rollover crash identified, Krista Hostetler, Sept. 17, 2013