Riding a bicycle in the scenic state of Nevada may sound like a picturesque dream, but it turned into a nightmare for bicyclist. The 61-year-old man was injured when the bike on which he was riding collided with a vehicle driven by a District Judge. He subsequently succumbed to his car accident injuries and was pronounced dead after medical treatments failed.

The Aug. 20, 2013, car accident happened just after 11 a.m. The cyclist was attempting to turn at an intersection when the collision with the judge’s vehicle transpired. The victim was flung from his bike and sustained wounds that took his life less than six hours later.

This incident underscores that a car accident can occur to anyone, even a member of the legal system. In fact, the judge has stated that he is remorseful and saddened that he had a hand in the death of the Gardnerville man. However, his prayers for and well-wishes to the victim’s family do not make up for the many financial and psychological hardships that they will surely face.

Like most families of Nevada car accident victims, they can expect a detailed investigation to ensue. On top of that, they will need to pay for funeral arrangements for their loved one’s burial or cremation. Additionally, they may face other hardships, including estate-related fees, mental health appointments and emotional pain and suffering. Though the car accident is over, their burden is only starting; hence, the families of any car accident victim retain the right to protect themselves through legal means by seeking reimbursement for financial damages sustained due to the claimed negligence of another party.

Source: The Record-Courier, Douglas judge involved in fatal accident, Kurt Hildebrand, Aug. 28, 2013