Nevada has thousands of visitors coming and going every day on its highways and roadways, and even more that call the state home. The constant flow of traffic can require those that ride motorcycles to be more cautious as they navigate the road. When motor vehicle accidents in Nevada injure a motorcyclist, potentially serious injuries could be involved.

Recently a Nevada man obtained serious injuries from a motor vehicle crash involving his motorcycle and a truck hauling hay. Purportedly, the bales of hay began to roll off the back of a flat bed truck driving down the road; the driver of the truck claims that he was pulled over at the time of the accident. The motorcyclist attempted to weave through the mess, but unfortunately collided with the hay. He became dislodged from the bike, and slid along the asphalt for a long distance.

Officials expect the Nevada man to survive his injuries but have not released the possible long term handicaps he may face, if at all. As the cause of the collision is investigated perhaps light will be shed on responsibility for the accident. The driver of the truck may or may not have been the party responsible for securing the hay to the truck originally, and reports do not state if either of the drivers involved were operating their vehicles negligently.

Regardless of contributing factors to roadway collisions, injured persons may need assistance recovering expenses lost. The pain and suffering, medical costs and possible handicaps may become an emotional roller coaster as finances become stretched. Insurance claims or restitution from liable parties may be a relevant avenue for the injured motorcyclist to pursue. When motor vehicle accidents in Nevada injure a motorcyclist, responsibility for the chain of events leading up to the crash may need to be carefully reviewed.

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