Losing a family member in an accident is an extremely emotional situation. The negligence and poor decisions of impaired drivers can lead to serious injuries and even death, when they choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. Recently, in an accident in Nevada, two people were the unfortunate victims of a drunk driving accident that cost them their lives.

Reports indicate that two vehicles were involved in the collision that led to the deaths of the two people. Witnesses claim that the vehicles appeared to be racing, but reports from police officials have not verified that claim. What has been confirmed is that alcohol was definitely a factor in the accident. The driver of one of the vehicles involved was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, which he admitted to, after failing the field sobriety tests performed by officers.

The accident happened at around 1 a.m., when the allegedly intoxicated driver’s vehicle collided with a truck carrying two people. The truck was pushed off the road by the other vehicle, causing it to flip and hit a tree, which then crushed the cab of the truck. The first vehicle then collided with the concrete median and came to a stop. The driver ran from the scene on foot.

Because of the first driver’s actions, the families of the victims are sure to have multiple questions and be emotionally confused. They are likely overwhelmed with the circumstances and the processes they will face. Both families may choose to file a claim against the driver for wrongful death, in relation to the drunk driving accident. Doing so could allow them to receive financial restitution to help with the expenses due to the loss of their loved ones. In any case, Nevada residents, and people everywhere, should be aware of the consequences that could arise from intoxicated driving.

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