Motor vehicle accidents in Nevada are devastating, and even more so when they could have been prevented. When motorcyclists are involved in motor vehicle accidents, it can be tragic, as they are at a disadvantage on roadways. When a person operating a vehicle is in a car accident, they are protected. Steel, airbags and seatbelts prove to be excellent safety methods, but motorcyclists do not have these. The town of Las Vegas is in mourning after a motorcyclist was recently killed in a three-vehicle accident.

The accident happened on I-15 when two cars collided for unknown reasons. An SUV had apparently hit the roadway’s median after colliding with another vehicle. A motorcyclist and a passenger were traveling not far behind these two vehicles. With no time to react to the accident that occurred in front of him, the motorcycle driver slammed into the SUV.

The motorcyclist was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger was taken to a nearby trauma center and reported to be in critical condition. The people in the two vehicles that first collided thankfully suffered no injuries as a result of this accident.

When Nevada families find themselves mourning loved ones after motor vehicle accidents like this one, they are not alone. The family of this deceased motorcycle driver, as well as his passenger, do have legal options. They retain the right to file a claim for restitution, should the other drivers be found partially or fully at fault for the crash. Although money can never replace the motorcyclist, or heal his passenger’s pain and suffering, it can help pay for funeral or medical expenses that are associated with unexpected accidents like this one. A successfully litigated claim could ease these financial burdens.

Source: News 3, One killed in overnight accident at I-15 and Charleston, No Author, Oct. 27, 2013