Nevada residents realize how dangerous a pedestrian accident can be. Pedestrians face disadvantages on roadways anywhere you look. They can easily be overlooked or appear to come out of nowhere. In many cases, the driver may not be paying full attention to the roadway and his or her surroundings. A pedestrian was recently killed as a result of a vehicle hitting him — another pedestrian accident added to the growing epidemic.

Crosswalks are supposed to keep pedestrians somewhat safer. Extreme caution is recommended to drivers on the road, especially around crosswalks. This is the designated spot on the road where pedestrians are supposed to cross, and drivers should be paying attention.

The pedestrian accident occurred on Martin Luther King Boulevard, an area known for many pedestrians. The man was reportedly in the crosswalk, fully visible and following pedestrian rules at the time of the accident. The vehicle, for reasons that are unknown, failed to yield to the pedestrian. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately he died soon after his arrival.

This particular Nevada tourist spot has been the scene of 85 similar accidents this year alone. Families of victims involved in a pedestrian accident like this one are not alone, though, and they have legal options. This man’s family retains the right to file for restitution for the death of their loved one, should the driver be found at fault. Families in these situations do not always have adequate funds to properly handle the final expenses of the person they have lost. If a litigation is successful, it could provide monetary damages that might ease the burden of those unexpected expenses.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, Pedestrian struck by vehicle, killed, Ana Ley, Nov. 1, 2013