Adults in Nevada who operate motor vehicles are well aware that there can be risks anywhere. A negligent driver can injure anyone on roadways, on the shoulders of roadways and even pedestrians on a sidewalk. Those most at risk appear to be cyclists, though. A 12-year-old boy was recently sent to the hospital with critical injuries as a result of a driver hitting him while he was riding his bike.

The young boy was riding his bicycle last week in the evening at the time the accident occurred. According to police, the boy was hit due to a woman failing to stop at a stop sign posted at an intersection. After running the stop sign, she allegedly traveled through the intersection, where the boy was then hit by her vehicle.

Despite the fact that this woman had open containers in her vehicle, she passed the initial testing for sobriety. Officers also claim that there was no evidence leading to the suspicion that speed played a role in this crash. At this point, it appears to have been the result of an apparent negligent driver. The boy was taken to a nearby trauma unit where he was treated for dire head injuries following the incident.

The negligent driver was arrested on the scene for charges that had nothing to do with this tragic accident. She had apparently been driving without a valid license at the time of the accident, in addition to other warrants Nevada police had out for her arrest. As of yet, investigations are pending and it is unknown if the woman will face charges for this accident. However, regardless of any charges that may be filed, the boy’s family has the option of filing a claim against her for financial reimbursement. A successfully litigated claim could prove useful for any medical expenses they now face.

Source:, Boy on bike hit by car in northwest Las Vegas, Danielle Miller and Lindsay Curtis, Nov. 18, 2013