Pedestrians in Nevada appear to be more at risk for a fatal accident than ever. People are becoming too negligent when operating motor vehicles, which causes accidents to occur more often. The most tragic accidents are when a person innocent of any wrongdoing gets hurt and it could have been prevented. A recent pedestrian accident has left one man dead in Nevada.

A man was apparently driving that evening on Interstate 15 when he hit a pedestrian on the side of the roadway. The pedestrian was said to have been doing work on his vehicle that stalled as he was driving. He seemed to have had time to drive off of the roadway to avoid any potential accidents, but he was catastrophically injured anyway.

The exact details leading up to the man hitting the pedestrian are still not quite clear. Although this is an ongoing investigation, that driver has yet to have been charged with any wrongdoings in this accident. The police officials who attended the crime scene reported that the injured man unfortunately passed away at the scene.

Nevada accidents such as this one are so tragic, and more so when they could have potentially been prevented. This man’s family may feel as if they are alone in a time like this, but they are not. They could benefit from knowing that they do have legal options should the driver be at fault for this pedestrian accident. They retain the right to file a claim for financial restitution if the driver is in fact found negligent. Should the litigation be successful, receiving reimbursement could ease the burden of any expenses that are a result of unexpected deaths such as this one.

Source: 8 News NOW, Nevada Highway Patrol Investigates Fatal Crash Near Jean, No Author, Nov. 8, 2013