Drunk driving is a serious offense with the potential for far-reaching consequences. Many motorists assume that their ability to operate a motor vehicle is not compromised by the consumption of alcohol. One poor decision can change the life of the driver who chooses to drive while impaired, and the lives of anyone unlucky enough to encounter that driver on the road. A Nevada man was recently charged with driving under the influence. He was able to walk away from the crash with no injuries to himself or anyone else, but this is not always the case in a drunk driving accident.

The incident occurred in the afternoon when the driver tried to make a left turn in his SUV. He was driving at a high rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle. An official on the scene said the vehicle hit the curb, crashed through some bushes and was only stopped when it rolled onto several large boulders. There was no one else in the vehicle with the driver, and fortunately no other pedestrians or cars were involved in the accident.

The driver was given several sobriety tests at the scene, which he failed. He was also given a blood test at the jail where he was taken; the results of that test were not immediately available. The man was charged with driving under the influence and driving too fast for conditions.

This motorist was fortunate that no one else was hurt by his negligent actions. Many Nevada families are not so lucky. Someone who is injured in a drunk driving accident may decide to file suit against the person responsible. A successfully litigated claim could allow them or their family to receive financial restitution to help pay any resulting medical bills or other related costs.

Source: recordcourier.com, Driver booked for DUI after vehicle ends up on boulders, No author, Nov. 27, 2013