When a pedestrian accident is imagined, it may often be thought that such accidents happen on or near roadways. A fatal accident this past week has proven that a pedestrian accident can happen even in areas where speed is to be kept at an absolute minimum — parking lots. Many parking lots have frequent stop and speed limit signs in an attempt to keep drivers alert and cautious, but the warnings did not help this pedestrian who was unfortunately hit by a vehicle and killed.

The woman who was fatally struck appeared to have been standing in the parking lot of a Nevada courthouse near a light pole at the time of the accident. A man driving a large vehicle allegedly ran into the light pole — hitting the woman. The pedestrian accident caused the woman to suffer catastrophic injuries and she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The driver who allegedly hit her had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. Reports claim the man suffered no life-threatening injuries as a result of the pedestrian accident. Although the accident is pending further investigation, the deceased’s family members likely have many questions surrounding the circumstances of the pedestrian’s death.

In addition to wanting questions answered regarding the Nevada woman’s death, the family may wish to file a civil claim against the driver. The fatal pedestrian accident will likely cause this family to mourn such an unsuspecting death for a great deal of time. It may be beneficial for the family to look into the options available in regards to seeking justice for the pedestrian.

Source: ktvn.com, Pedestrian killed, van driver hurt in Vegas crash, No Author, Dec. 17, 2013