It is likely assumed by Nevada residents, that visibility is only an issue for motorists driving during night hours. Many pedestrian accidents happen in these certain hours when the sun is gone, and one may not be able to see. It may make someone curious as to how someone can be involved in a pedestrian accident in the morning when there are no issues with visibility, but it often happens. A Nevada woman has just suffered catastrophic injuries as the result of being hit by someone’s vehicle.

The 49-year-old woman was allegedly walking around just after 9 a.m. at the time of the pedestrian accident. According to the accident reports, the apparently attempted to cross the street through a marked cross walk, but she unfortunately wasn’t able to make it across. A vehicle hit her midway in the roadway before she had that chance.

This pedestrian accident has left Las Vegas officials confused on precisely what caused it. In addition, there has been no official word on if alcohol or other impairing substances were a factor, so it is unknown why the driver impacted the woman trying to cross the street. The woman thankfully survived the accident, but not without serious injuries. She was able to have been taken to a nearby hospital, where she continues her treatment for the injuries suffered as the result of this pedestrian accident.

It was also not indicated if the woman will choose to file a claim against the other driver or not in order to seek compensation for her injuries. Nevada citizens use crosswalks in order to reduce the liklihood of a pedestrian accident. Unfortunately for this woman, the crosswalk nor the daylight proved beneficial in keeping her out of harm’s way.

Source: FOX5 Vegas, Police: Woman hit by car in North Las Vegas crosswalk, Matt Guillermo, Dec. 6, 2013