Yet another pedestrian accident has recently happened on a Las Vegas roadway. A man notorious for his food writing has been severely injured as the result of the tragic accident. Due to the circumstances surrounding his injuries, he may be entitled to some form of compensation if the other driver is in fact found at fault for the pedestrian accident.

The victim of this pedestrian accident was the famous food writer Max Jacobson, who was very well-known in the city of Las Vegas. He was allegedly out for a walk when he attempted to cross a roadway. Unfortunately, he did not even make it across the road before getting hit by a vehicle

Jacobson did his part in an attempt to stay safe and used a crosswalk to get across the street, but it did no good in this situation. The crosswalk is where the vehicle allegedly hit the food writer. As a result of the severity of the crash, Jacobson was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

He reportedly suffered traumatic injuries to his head, and the hospital is where he has remained since the accident. In many case involving serious brain injuries, a victim may not come out of the hospital the same as before the accident. In this case, the man and his family may find themselves with legal options to take care of whatever medical or other expenses incurred as a result of his injuries. They may wish to file a claim against the driver who caused the pedestrian accident, and if he should be found at fault for the man’s serious head injuries, he may have to compensate Jacobson for any damages he has caused.

Source: FOX5 Vegas, Las Vegas food writer critically injured in crash, Aaron Barker, Dec. 26, 2013