A Nevada family is very unfortunately mourning the unexpected loss of two loved ones, after they were allegedly killed in a drunk driving accident. Much like any unexpected deaths, the family may want to know why such a thing has happened. As they seek out answers from this fatal car accident, the family could benefit from filing a claim against the driver allegedly responsible. Such claims may result in restitution for the family’s unexpected expenses following this drunk driving accident, should the litigation be successful.

The car accident happened as a result of a 51-year-old man allegedly crossing over his median in the roadway. This proved to be a tragedy for the two people he came in contact with as a result of the accident. After the man crossed over his median, he drove into oncoming traffic and unfortunately crashed into the vehicle containing two people.

The people in the vehicle the 51-year-old crashed into, identified as a boyfriend and girlfriend, were killed upon impact. Following the accident investigation, it was said that it did not appear that the man even attempted to stop before or after going through the median. In addition to believing the man did not attempt to brake his vehicle, accident investigators believe that the accident may have been caused as a result of the man driving while intoxicated.

Nevada families likely never imagine such tragedies can happen to them, but a drunk driving accident is always a possibility when people choose to get behind the wheel after drinking. Such unexpected losses are often accompanied by many unexpected expenses, and the family involved should not have to feel the financial burden they may leave behind. Should the driver be held responsible for his actions, the family’s burdens may be somewhat lifted, if the man is found to be required to provide them with financial restitution. A drunk driving accident affects more than the victims; it affects the whole family.

Source: mynews3.com, Family wants justice for two killed on Summerlin Parkway, Antonio Castelan, Feb. 7, 2014