A Nevada man who has had multiple DWI charges in the past has been recently sentenced for a fatal drunk driving accident that happened in 2012. Although the 45-year-old has received the maximum sentence, the family may feel that they did not get proper restitution. In cases like this, a family may file a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a driver who causes a drunk driving accident.

The man convicted had previously been charged and convicted of DWI a staggering four times before the most recent incident. The driver was found guilty of vehicular homicide after he crashed into the car of a pregnant woman as a result of allegedly being intoxicated. The woman thankfully survived the accident, but sadly, the same could not be said about her child.

The baby was delivered by cesarean section in an attempt to save the child’s life. Unfortunately, the child lived for less than a minute after the delivery. One can only imagine the pain of having to say goodbye to a child that the parents had yet to meet. It is likely that they are grieving, and probably always will.

A Nevada judge found the man guilty and sentenced him to the maximum allowed by law. He has to serve over nine years in prison to pay for the crime he committed. As a result of the man’s previous history of driving under the influence, the family may feel even worse about this fatal drunk driving accident. They may wish to seek restitution for their pain and suffering. If they so choose, and litigation is successful, they may receive the restitution that they possibly need at this time.

Source: ABQ Journal Online, Maximum sentence in Las Vegas crash that killed infant, Andy Stiny Employer Directory Post, Feb. 13, 2014