Two Nevada families are now mourning the tragic loss of loved ones after they were killed by a possible negligent driver. The two victims passed away just one day after a holiday that is usually filled with love and happiness — Valentine’s Day. According to official reports, the accident may have been prevented if the person they were driving with wasn’t a possible negligent driver.

The fatal car accident happened just before 1 a.m. The three were driving together on a Nevada roadway when tragedy struck. The 21-year-old male driver was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into a pier. This act would prove to be life-changing for many people.

The passengers were two females, one 21 years old and the other just 20. Accident investigation claims that one of the women was found to be dead at the time of emergency workers’ arrival, while the other unfortunately died in the hospital not long after being transported for treatment. The driver is in the hospital with what were described as serious injuries suffered in this car accident.

What was supposed to have been such a loving time of the year will likely be a grief-stricken time for the families affected as a result of this apparent negligent driver. If the driver did do wrong, and the car accident could have been prevented had proper speed been exercised, the families may wish to file a claim against him in the form of wrongful death lawsuit. Doing so could possibly provide these Nevada families with proper restitution after their loved ones were so tragically killed by what may have been a negligent driver.

Source:, 2 women die in Las Vegas high-speed crash, No author, Feb. 15, 2014