Families in Las Vegas who are affected by a drunk driving accident may find the road to recovery to be tiresome. Although many may want overnight justice, it does not often happen that way. In an attempt to receive proper justice and compensation, it may be beneficial to start litigation proceedings sooner rather than later. One Las Vegas family knows all too well about waiting for justice after a drunk driving accident, and they may even wish to push for more.

A deadly pedestrian accident in 2012 has likely left a family grief-stricken after an alleged drunk driver hit a person walking through a crosswalk. A 78-year-old man was said to have been well over halfway through the crosswalk when another man failed to see him and struck him with his vehicle. The victim unfortunately passed away as a result of the accident.

Not only did the driver apparently neglect to see the pedestrian, this incident turned into an alleged drunk driving accident. According to police, the driver was almost three times over the legal limit for alcohol while driving a vehicle. He will now face his punishment for causing this drunk driving accident later this month.

One Las Vegas family is without their loved one as a result of this tragedy and although the driver will likely face punishment, the family deserves better. They should not have to feel the burden that such a drunk driving accident can cause. Medical and funeral expenses have a tendency to add up after accidents such as this, and help may be required by the family. No family should face financial burdens after a drunk driving accident in addition to facing life without their loved one.

Source: 8 News NOW, Man indicted in deadly 2012 crash, Steve Kanigher, March 12, 2014