A man accused of killing a Las Vegas resident is due in court in the month of March to face the charges arrayed against him, and the family of the victim plans to be at every hearing. Nevada police arrested the alleged drunk driver following an accident that claimed the life of a 38-year-old man. He now stands accused of DUI as well as a host of other charges.

According to Nevada police, the accident happened at roughly 5:30 in the evening of March 17. A 38-year-old man had stopped to change a tire on the side of U.S. 95 when he was struck by a driver police say was intoxicated. The details of the accident are unclear, but the man’s injuries apparently caused his death.

The man whose vehicle struck him now stands accused of DUI causing death, expired plates and driving with no insurance. He was also charged with an improper lane driving and having altered plates. If convicted, he will face considerable penalties, including probable jail time. The man was set to appear in court for the first time in mid-March, and the family of the deceased victim says they will face him for the first time since the accident.

If the man accused of causing the accident is proved to have been a drunk driver, jail time will do little to salve the emotional injury suffered by the family of the deceased victim. Under Nevada law, they are entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit, and a successful litigation may result in a monetary award to help offset funeral costs, lost wages and other financial losses. Considering that they are currently raising funds to help pay for the man’s funeral, this may be of significant benefit to them in their time of mourning.

Source: 8 News Now, Victim’s family vows to face accused intoxicated driver in court, Lauren Rozyla, March 23, 2014