In Las Vegas, it is fairly normal to hear of someone being hurt in an auto accident. People sometimes let the night life of partying and drinking impair their judgement, and this can lead to bad decisions on the roadway. Although drunk driving accidents are terrible on their own, one can at least understand why a person would get into a car accident while driving drunk. Other people are not so lucky, and they have to face their injuries knowing that they were involved in an auto accident by someone who just likely was not paying attention.

In the early morning hours recently, two people in separate vehicles were heading down a Las Vegas roadway. A vehicle was traveling in the northbound lane when, for unknown reasons, it began to cross the center line. Another vehicle was unfortunately in its path.

A head-on collision was the result of the vehicle going over the center line. After the two vehicles collided, both drivers had to be transferred to a nearby hospital to be treated for their critical injuries. The investigation is currently pending, but as of yet, it is unknown why the driver crossed the center line.

Tragedies such as this are a reason why it is so important to remain alert at all times on Las Vegas roadways. Even the slightest error in judgement can be life-threatening. As a result of the victim being injured so severely in this auto accident, he or she may wish to look into the option of filing a claim against the driver. An auto accident of this magnitude may mean expenses for medical care that the driver may not be able to afford, and a successfully litigated claim could help.

Source:, Two people critically injured in early morning crash, Krista Hostetler, March 5, 2014