It is likely any Nevada family’s biggest fear to be notified that a family member may have been hurt in a suspected drunk driving accident. Car accidents happen daily, and are unfortunately very common. A car accident can happen as the result of an abundance of different scenarios, but a drunk driving accident may hurt worse. Knowing that a family member was injured in a drunk driving accident may mean that the person suspected had blatant disregard for the law — and other’s lives.

Two Nevada families are likely feeling the pain after loved ones fell victim to a drunk driving accident. One driver was traveling northbound just after 9 p.m. at the time of the accident. That same driver was attempting to pass another vehicle in the left lane when the vehicle spun out of control on the roadway. The vehicle then apparently went over the median.

Two vehicles unfortunately happened to be just over that median at the time the vehicle rolled across. The two vehicles were traveling in the southbound direction when the vehicle collided with both of them. All of the victims of this drunk driving accident had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for their injuries, although none appeared to be life-threatening.

The driver who allegedly caused this drunk driving accident has since been arrested by Las Vegas police for driving under the influence. The victims who were affected by this unfortunate accident may be interested in knowing that they could be able to file a claim against this driver. Medical bills are common after a drunk driving accident such as this, and possible restitution may benefit them.

Source:, “Speed, alcohol possible factors in three-vehicle crash in Sparks“, , April 11, 2014