A truck driver in Nevada has recently pleaded guilty after his involvement in an auto accident. Not only did the man cause the accident, but three innocent victims lost their life as the result of it. The driver of the truck was charged with involuntary manslaughter, and pleaded guilty to all three counts. Although that may be punishment enough for some families for this fatal auto accident, it may not suffice for others.

An elderly couple were two of the victims in this fatal auto accident. They were allegedly pulled over on the side of the road as a result of car troubles. Reports claim that the couple unfortunately had their steering wheel come off of the vehicle. They waited in the vehicle for a tow truck to come assist them.

The 20-year-old tow truck driver was the final victim in this tragedy. At the time the tow truck driver came to assist the elderly couple, the semi-truck came speeding behind them. The truck driver, who was said to have been speeding, ran into the back of the couple’s vehicle. Following that, the vehicle then ran into the tow truck. The driver of the tow truck and the elderly couple were all killed.

The semi-truck driver was not only speeding, he was said to have exceeded the amount of time he could drive in one day. The driver said he knew that he had exceeded his driving allotment, but he needed to hurry after being in another auto accident previous to the fatal one. Had he had more sleep, he may have been able to focus more on his speed, which might have prevented this tragedy.

The families of the deceased may wish to file a claim against the driver of the semi-truck. While Nevada auto accidents are commonly heard of, many families deserves closure and possible restitution, depending on the situation. In a successfully litigated case, restitution would be awarded that could be used for end-of-life and other necessary expenses.

Source: Las Vegas Sun News, “Trucker pleads guilty in Nevada triple-fatal crash“, , March 25, 2014