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Nevada woman booked after apparent drunk driving accident

An alleged drunk driving accident has just occurred on a Nevada roadway, leaving one person behind bars. Suspicion of drunk driving surfaced as a result of alleged beer bottles in the vehicle, in addition to a Breathalyzer test. This purported drunk driving accident left the victim with critical injuries and he may wish to attempt a civil claim against the alleged drunk driver in an attempt to receive justice for his injuries.

Las Vegas reports 13 dog attacks against postal carriers in 2013

The third full week of May is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. However, regardless of the time of year, dog bite prevention is crucial to children, adults, postal workers and many other individuals across the country, including here in Las Vegas. Dog attacks may not happen as often as car accidents or other events, but they are more common than many Las Vegas residents may believe.

Elderly Las Vegas woman killed in auto accident

One of the worst things that any Las Vegas resident can face is losing a loved one in an auto accident. That feeling of grief may be worse when the driver deemed responsible flees the accident scene. One family recently faced these exact circumstances, but thankfully the driver ultimately turned himself in at the police department to face the charges for his alleged responsibility for this auto accident.

Nevada auto accident leaves 5 injured, 1 dead

One toddler is dead after suffering serious injuries as a result of an auto accident that recently took place on a Nevada roadway. In addition, five people had to be taken to the hospital after suffering injuries of their own in the same accident. One driver may face charges surrounding the auto accident that injured so many.

Auto accident in Nevada leaves 7 injured

Another auto accident has unfortunately occurred on a Nevada roadway. Seven people are now suffering as the result of the actions of a person who may be responsible for the crash. When victims are injured in such an accident through no fault of their own, they may benefit from knowing that they do have options. If a person is found at fault for an auto accident, the victims may be able to file a claim against the a-fault party in an attempt to receive restitution.

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