Another auto accident has unfortunately occurred on a Nevada roadway. Seven people are now suffering as the result of the actions of a person who may be responsible for the crash. When victims are injured in such an accident through no fault of their own, they may benefit from knowing that they do have options. If a person is found at fault for an auto accident, the victims may be able to file a claim against the a-fault party in an attempt to receive restitution.

A chain-reaction auto accident has left seven people with serious injuries. According to reports, a cement truck ran into the back of another person’s vehicle. As a result, that vehicle went into the guardrail and the chain reaction began. More than six vehicles were involved in this accident, and the seven persons who were injured had to be taken to a local hospital.

It is unknown why the cement truck rear-ended the vehicle it front of it, but the crash remains under investigation. Six of the seven people injured in this accident are expected to be okay, but one toddler suffered a head injury and the toddler’s condition is currently unknown. Thankfully, there are no fatalities as of yet in this accident.

Drivers on Nevada roadways face dangers such as these daily. No matter how carefully a person drives, an auto accident can still be the result when others do not pay attention or act negligently. The families involved in this crash may wish to file claims against the responsible party. Such claims may end in restitution for some, and it could come in handy for families such as these who are involved in an auto accident that results in unexpected bills.

Source: Las Vegas Sun News, “7 hurt in Reno multi-car crash; US 395 reopens”, , April 29, 2014