One of the worst things that any Las Vegas resident can face is losing a loved one in an auto accident. That feeling of grief may be worse when the driver deemed responsible flees the accident scene. One family recently faced these exact circumstances, but thankfully the driver ultimately turned himself in at the police department to face the charges for his alleged responsibility for this auto accident.

A 49-year-old man apparently crashed his vehicle into three other vehicles. One of the other cars was occupied by a 74-year-old woman and her son. The force of the collision forced their vehicle to slam into a nearby Las Vegas lounge.

The woman was killed on the scene. Thankfully, her son survived but not without injury. The driver who allegedly caused the accident reportedly fled from the scene before police got there. Reports say that he hid in the same lounge that the woman’s vehicle crashed into, and he ran out of the back door not long after.

The man ended up turning himself in after the fact, and he is now facing serious charges as a result of this auto accident. Those include felony hit-and-run, not having car insurance and driving without a valid license. In addition to these charges, the family of the victim have their own options in seeking justice. They are entitled to commence a wrongful death lawsuit in an attempt to recover financial losses for this fatal auto accident. Moreover, the injured son has a separate right to pursue claims for personal injuries.

Source: Las Vegas Sun News, “Man surrenders in fatal hit-and-run crash in Vegas”, , May 9, 2014