One toddler is dead after suffering serious injuries as a result of an auto accident that recently took place on a Nevada roadway. In addition, five people had to be taken to the hospital after suffering injuries of their own in the same accident. One driver may face charges surrounding the auto accident that injured so many.

A member of the Nevada Highway Patrol claims that a cement truck driver is likely at fault in this accident. Allegedly, the cement truck began to slide down a downward slope in the roadway just before the accident occurred. The truck eventually hit a vehicle carrying the toddler and two adult passengers.

The cement truck didn’t stop there, however. He went on to hit four more vehicles. Although alcohol appears to have not been a factor in this accident, the driver could still face charges, pending further investigation. The victims of this crash, in addition to the family of the child who suffered fatal injuries, may benefit in knowing that they do have options surrounding this tragic auto accident.

Families and victims in Nevada may have the right to file a claim against the driver in the form of wrongful death. Such successful litigation may result in possible restitution, depending on who was at fault in the accident. Most families don’t have the significant amount of money that medical bills and funerals typically require — especially when they are unexpected. Possible restitution may help these families in lifting the financial burden that an auto accident of this magnitude can hold on a family.

Source: Reno-Gazette Journal, “NHP: Reno toddler in 6-car pileup dies”, Emerson Marcus, May 2, 2014