Most people know that it is not a good idea to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, some type of intoxicant is believed to have been involved in a recent auto accident in Nevada. This resulted in four people being injured in the crash, which happened in early June.

The incident occurred in the early morning on a southbound road when three vehicles somehow ended up crashing into one another. Authorities are still investigating to find out what may have caused the three vehicles to collide. However, authorities have arrested at least one person for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The authorities did not reveal exactly what type of intoxicants of which the person was suspected to have been under the influence.

The most serious injury that resulted from the crash was an individual who had been ejected from one of the vehicles. This resulted in a head injury that has been classified as critical, according to reports released to the public. The other three people who were hurt had suffered minor injuries and none of them were transported to a medical facility for treatment.

It is unfortunate that an intoxicated driver may have been the cause of this auto accident in Nevada. However, it is possible that the driver will ultimately be charged with a crime by the police. This can be important to those who suffered injuries, since evidence presented in a criminal trial may also be used in a personal injury lawsuit, which can result in monetary reimbursement for damages caused by the crash.

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