The driver of a semi-truck has a duty to operate the large vehicle carefully on the road. Its large size can easily cause damage to other automobiles on the highway as well as injuries or death to motorists if not handled properly. Two individuals recently passed away after the van in which they were traveling was struck by a semi in a tragic auto accident in Nevada.

This three-vehicle wreck took place on a highway off ramp when the semi driver was going north. According to authorities, the semi driver ran a light that was red. It then allegedly struck the van in the front while the van was traveling east.

A Jeep was also going east and collided with a trailer on the truck. The van and semi ended up running into a wall made of concrete. The two people in the van died at the crash scene, according to authorities. Fortunately, the man who was driving the Jeep at the time was treated for minor injuries and released. The semi’s driver was also treated and released, but the two victims in the van were not so lucky.

Running a red light may be considered reckless driving. The semi driver who is believed to have committed this offense may face criminal charges as a result. However, the driver along with his or her employer may also have to face wrongful death claims if relatives of the two deceased accident victims decide to sue. If the driver is convicted on any charges filed against him or her, proof of the conviction may be furnished in a Nevada civil court to try to prove that the driver is liable for the two deaths. Any monetary damages awarded in a successful civil case can help to pay for the victims’ end-of-life expenses and other losses caused by the unfortunate auto accident.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Three-vehicle crash in Henderson leaves 2 dead“, Brian Nordli, June 12, 2014