Many Nevada residents may think that they have the sweetest dog on the planet, even if it is an American Bulldog — a dog that is known to be aggressive. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs can be provoked or simply turn dangerous for whatever reason and attack innocent individuals. Four family members in another state were recently attacked by a pair of American Bulldogs and are suffering from serious dog bites.

Reportedly, a 4-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy were playing in the front yard of their home. Suddenly, the youngest boy fell to the ground. When that happened, one of the dogs then attacked him. It wasn’t long before the second dog decided to attack.

The boy’s older sister used her body to cover the young boy. The father was able to successfully remove the bulldogs from the boy. Unfortunately, this was all too late to prevent the boy from suffering numerous dog bites to the chest, which required emergency surgery; his condition is listed as critical. The 10-year-old boy was bitten as well, but he is listed as stable. The older sister has a few marks on her neck from being bitten, but the injuries are not life-threatening.

It is not clear in this case who the owner of the dogs is. If it is determined that the owner is not related, the victims may wish to pursue a civil lawsuit against the dog owner. This would hopefully hold the dog owner responsible for allowing a dangerous dog out in public. A successful claim in Nevada may provide the victim with dog bites with compensation to help cover medical expenses, any long-term treatment that may be necessary and pain and suffering.

Source: CNY Central, “4 people injured, 4-year-old child seriously, after 2 bulldogs attack“, , June 26, 2014