Even in marked crosswalks, Nevada pedestrians walking across the road or along the sidewalk are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to vehicles driving down the road. A pedestrian accident can occur even when the pedestrian looks both ways before crossing the road. Sometimes, the drivers of vehicles are not paying enough attention to the road ahead of them, which can cause accidents.

Recently, a mother and child were crossing the street in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, as they crossed the road, they were struck by a vehicle. Both the child and the mother were taken to a local hospital for medical examination and treatment. The mother’s injuries were not life-threatening. Unfortunately, for the child, he or she suffered significant head trauma.

Police were not certain whether the child and mother were crossing the street in an officially marked crosswalk. However, if they were, this is information that may be helpful to them in court if they should decide to pursue legal action against the driver who struck them. At this time, the accident is still under investigation.

Although no one died in this Las Vegas pedestrian accident, this fact does not make it any less tragic. Such a terrible accident like this one can leave a family with the burden of significant medical expenses. If someone’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in these medical bills, then the victim and the victim’s family should not have to deal with this burden alone. A personal injury claim can help alleviate that burden by awarding monetary damages to the victim and/or the victim’s family.

Source: fox5vegas.com, “Mother, child hospitalized following accident”, Craig Huber, June 26, 2014