Accidents occur virtually every day in Las Vegas. It isn’t uncommon for these collisions to be a drunk driving accident. Unfortunately, a construction worker in Las Vegas is said to have been struck by a drunk driver recently while working, resulting in his death.

The crash occurred on a Sunday morning while the 57-year-old construction worker was on duty. He was performing a cut in the asphalt when a Ford truck allegedly left its lane. When this happened, the truck struck the worker, who was in the lane designated for buses.

Authorities allege that the Ford F-150 struck a parked Chevrolet vehicle prior to leaving the scene of the crash. He supposedly did not offer help to the injured construction worker. The worker was announced deceased at the accident site. The suspect was later found by police, reportedly hiding out at an apartment complex nearby in one of the garbage bins. Authorities arrested him for an alleged DUI.

The victim’s family may have the right to file for workers’ compensation death benefits since the alleged drunk driving accident occurred while at work. However, the family may also have a case in a Las Vegas civil court. If it is proven that the driver who struck him was indeed driving recklessly and intoxicated, the victim’s family may be able to seek compensation by the means of a wrongful death claim. Upon successful litigation, a claim like this may award surviving relatives with financial restitution that could help them pay for lost wages, medical expenses and funeral costs.

Source: CBS Las Vegas, “DUI Arrest In Fatal Auto-Pedestrian Accident”, , July 22, 2014