When activities such as summer camps are offered, Nevada parents should not have to be concerned about the safety of their children. The organizers of such activities are responsible for the safety of every child who attends the camp. Different activities may require different safety measures, and the camp officials have a duty to ensure the presence of competent personnel that could handle any potential injury. Two villages and park districts in another state are facing a lawsuit after the death of a boy who suffered swimming pool injuries while attending a day camp.

The lawsuit claims that the group of day campers was not properly supervised and that the defendants failed to instruct the children on proper safety procedures. In addition, the boy’s estate claims that the number of lifeguards present was not sufficient, and those that were present were allegedly not properly trained. The estate seeks damages totaling in excess of $800,000.

On June 16, the little boy’s body was pulled from the pool where he was attending a day camp. The defendants assert that lifeguards monitored the pool and that staff members of the day camp administered CPR in an attempt to save the child’s life. He was rushed to a medical center but sadly passed away the following day.

The safety of children at summer camps should be a priority of everybody who is involved in organizing such activities. In addition, the property owners of premises where activities take place — especially where swimming pool injuries could occur — also bear responsibility to exercise reasonable care. Parents who have lost children as the result of the negligence of property owners may need financial assistance to cover medical and end-of-life expenses. They may pursue recovery of damages by filing a premises liability claim in a Nevada civil court. Sufficient proof of negligent property management may result in the court awarding monetary judgment to ease the financial burden.

Source: southtownstar.suntimes.com, “Lawsuit filed over drowning death of Justice boy“, , July 25, 2014