A pedestrian accident on Blue Diamond Road that claimed the life of a 14-year-old girl has raised questions about the safety of the intersection. After the pedestrian accident, community residents expressed concerns about the intersection, spurring the state to install a traffic light. The new traffic light also came with a cross walk and the process was expedited with the help of the Nevada governor.

This particular intersection was well-known in the community for being poorly lit and dangerous. A gas station attendant who works near the intersection said that he has seen four accidents at the intersection within a four-month period. After the red light was installed, community members expressed the belief that the light should have been installed sooner, perhaps avoiding the fatal accident and preventing other incidents.

The number of pedestrian accidents in the state of Nevada is staggering. In fact, in Las Vegas alone, 60 pedestrians were killed in 2013. State officials claim that while there is a need to improve the roads for the purpose of increasing safety for pedestrians, the population often outpaces the state’s ability to catch up. New safety warnings say that pedestrians are responsible for their own safety and should always use cross walks, yet at the time of the young girl’s fatal accident, no cross walk existed.

This fatal pedestrian accident illustrates the need for the state to improve road conditions. At busy intersections, there should always be a light and a designated place for people to cross. When road conditions directly cause the death or injury of a resident, the state could be liable for any damages. Victims of accidents at this particular intersection may be eligible for financial compensation.

Source: Las Vegas Sun News, “Very tragic intersection on Blue Diamond gets a traffic light“, Ian Whitaker, Aug. 14, 2014