Discovering that a close family member has died in a Nevada car accident is naturally devastating. If the collision occurred because the evidence suggests that a driver chose to drink and drive, this can spark feelings of anger as well. It is within the legal rights of the surviving family members to seek justice as they cope with the tragic loss of their loved one in an apparent drunk driving accident.

About every 51 minutes on average, somebody in the United States loses his or her life in a crash related to alcohol use. The family of a deceased victim involved in this type of collision may file a wrongful death claim. A victorious claim may result in monetary damages that can help to cover the victim’s end-of-life costs and other damages allowed by applicable law.

This type of suit may be filed both against an allegedly intoxicated driver and against a social host or bar if it served an apparently drunk guest who later drove and had an accident. Although the party who gave alcohol to the seemingly drunk driver might be held liable in this case, this doesn’t mean the accused drunk driver will necessarily be absolved from liability. An attorney may help you to pinpoint all businesses or people who may be held accountable for your family member’s death.

In order for you to win a lawsuit of this nature, liability needs to be established according to the civil court’s standards of proof. A court will find the person who allegedly caused the accident financially responsible based on competent proof of negligence that meets a standard known as a preponderance of the evidence. Even though financial restitution from a successfully fought suit won’t necessarily bring back a loved one, it can help the dead person’s family to move on from a tragic drunk driving accident in Nevada.

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