A Henderson woman is dead from severe blunt force trauma after an alleged drunk driving accident. The supposed drunk driving accident occurred on Interstate 215, purportedly because the driver was traveling the wrong way on the road. Although the woman did tragically suffer fatal injuries, the driver only sustained minor injuries for which he received needed medical attention.

Nevada law enforcement suspected that the driver was driving under the influence. While he received medical treatment for his injuries, he was booked (in absentia) on charges of drunk driving, driving with a revoked license and driving the wrong way on the road. It is not clear if police administered any chemical tests to confirm the suspicion of intoxicated driving.

Drunk driving is a completely avoidable crime for which there is no excuse. If this driver was indeed drunk behind the wheel, not only is he criminally liable for the Nevada accident, it is possible that he could be named in a civil claim. The remaining family left behind after this woman’s accident could be facing medical bills and other expenses. They have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the driver in order to collect the redress needed to cover these costs.

After a drunk driving accident, it is often optimal to begin with a case evaluation from an experienced personal injury or wrongful death professional. This step can bring to light possible legal options for pursuing deserved compensation. A monetary settlement cannot undo the damage done by an unexpected accident, but it may allow a family to take the first step toward moving past the tragedy.

Source: fox5vegas.com, “Woman killed in wrong-way crash on I-215 identified”, Kristin Bernal and Matt Guillermo, Sept. 9, 2014