A drunk driving accident that involves another motorist can result in tragic consequences for the innocent party. Serious injury can sometimes lead to death and place unexpected financial and emotional strain on loved ones as they grieve. A Nevada woman recently lost her life after being struck in what the authorities have described as a wrong way drunk driving accident that occurred in the early morning hours.

The crash took place after midnight on Interstate 215 when her vehicle and another collided head-on at potentially high speeds. A pickup truck was purportedly traveling east on the westbound side of the highway and made contact with the oncoming traffic. A person driving the wrong way on the road can risk causing a serious crash and inflict irreversible damages to innocent victims.

Reports indicate that the high speed impact resulted in numerous blunt force injuries to the woman hit by the pickup, resulting in her death. The pickup driver survived with moderate injuries and is suspected of driving while intoxicated. It took over six hours to clear the catastrophic wreckage.

Authorities arrested and charged the man with driving the wrong way, driving without a license and DUI resulting in the death of another person. Understandably, a Nevada drunk driving accident that costs an innocent victim their life may leave surviving family members with unanswered questions and a desire to achieve justice on behalf of their loved one. Some people may seek help with investigating the crash and attempting to establish financial responsibility for the tragedy. Any criminal conviction that is ultimately obtained may help the family in a related attempt to recover monetary damages resulting from the fatal accident.

Source: fox5vegas.com, “Woman killed in wrong-way crash on I-215 identified”, Kristin Bernal and Matt Guillermo, Sept. 9, 2014