A woman attending the popular Burning Man festival was killed in a tragic accident. Reports indicated that a pedestrian hit by a bus resulted in a fatality. The bus was carrying passengers around the area where the Nevada event was being held in the Black Rock Desert. No other passengers or pedestrians were injured.

There is no specific cause listed as the reason for the tragic accident, but it is known that it took place near the Center Camp shortly after 12 a.m. This area is a temporary camp set up specifically for the huge arts festival, and it may be possible that low lighting, unmarked roads or other hazards contributed to the incident. The incident was called a “tragic accident,” and it is not known if the bus driver was cited in connection with the incident.

Even in fatal accidents where no criminal charges are filed, however, there still may be legal options for the victim’s surviving family to consider. The family members are likely confronted with significant expenses following the accident. It would be within their rights to explore the legal possibility of seeking financial compensation from either the organizers of the festival or the bus driver, dependent upon evidence of negligence that either caused or contributed to the collision.

The family of a pedestrian hit by a bus and killed would understandably want to ensure that a full investigation included a careful review of the actions of the bus company, its driver and the operations of the festival. Scheduling a case evaluation is typically the first step in this process. Applicable evidence must be gathered and analyzed to assess the viability of a Nevada wrongful death claim against any party deemed culpable for the fatal accident.

Source: jhnewsandguide.com, “Jackson woman hit by bus, dies at Burning Man“, , Aug. 28, 2014