Accidents that result in injury can happen at any time and pretty much anyplace. They can also occur for a variety of reasons. When the accident occurs on the premises of a Las Vegas business, the business owner may face claims seeking monetary damages. This puts them at risk of a premises liability lawsuit.

Dollar Tree was sued by a father recently. He claims that his son was injured after slipping and falling at one store of the discount chain. The father asserts that he and his son were at a Dollar Tree in another state on Aug. 3 of last year when the incident occurred. There was apparently some sort of liquid on the floor. Neither of them saw it, and the boy slipped and fell.

As a result of the fall, the boy suffered significant injuries. The lawsuit seeks a monetary judgment for loss of function, disability, disfigurement and scarring. It appears the boy’s injuries were quite serious and likely resulted in significant medical expenses and other financial losses.

Las Vegas businesses are required to maintain their premises so that they are safe for consumers. When a liquid has been spilled on the floor or some other unsafe situation has occurred, consumers are entitled to proper notification of the hazard; moreover, the problem should be corrected as soon as is possible. When this duty to consumers is violated, a premises liability lawsuit may ensue. A successful claim can provide financial restitution for slip and fall accident victims to help them pay for past and future medical expenses, lost wages (in this case, of the parents) and other damages recognized by Nevada laws..

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Dollar Tree sued by father of boy allegedly injured in slip and fall“, Kyle Barnett, Sept. 24, 2014