Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by multiple variables, and the consequences can be minor or extreme. A recent auto accident in Nevada allegedly resulted after a 20-year-old driver pulled out in front of another automobile. This motor vehicle collision did not solely affect the driver deemed responsible.

After crashing into the vehicle driven by a 75-year-old man, the car that supposedly caused the accident continued traveling along the roadway instead of stopping. The 20-year-old suspected to have been behind the wheel drove back to his apartment, where authorities later arrested him. The driver claimed that he did not see the other car when he attempted to move through the intersection. He has been placed in jail with bail set at $40,000.

The 75-year-old man driving the second motor vehicle suffered injury in the course of this motor vehicle accident. He was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of multiple fractures and whiplash. Charges have not been filed against the driver thought to be responsible but may result following further investigation.

Intersections are common areas of motor vehicle collisions. It is immensely important to be aware as one travels through intersections, in order to prevent car crashes like this one in Nevada. The victim injured in this auto accident has the right to file civil claims for the personal injury that he suffered. These claims may compensate for the medical expenses he now has to cover and may also give him a sense of comfort when he is able to get behind the wheel again.

Source:, “Man jailed on felony hit and run charge after crash injures elderly driver“, Jeff Munson, Oct. 12, 2014