A young woman was arrested for suspected DUI after an auto accident that resulted in the injury of two teenagers. The auto accident is believed to have involved an activity that Nevada law enforcement refer to as “car surfing,” that is riding on the outside of a vehicle. This unfortunate incident took place after the teenagers were leaving a party. 

An uninjured passenger who was inside the car when the accident took place stated that the two boys were attempting to ride on the trunk of the vehicle. They climbed on after the 19-year-old driver offered them a ride to their own vehicle. While additional details of the accident are not known, it has been stated that the two young men were thrown off of the trunk while the vehicle was moving at an unknown speed. Both men were injured and one sustained a particularly serious brain injury. 

Nevada law enforcement stated that the “car surfing” should not have taken place and that the driver should never have gotten behind the wheel in the first place. The driver was charged with DUI, but it is not clear if sobriety tests were administered at the scene of the accident. While the two young men were presumably reckless in their actions, alcohol impairment may have played a prominent role in the severity of the accident. 

The young man who suffered from a serious brain injury will likely require extensive medical treatment, which is costly. The family may not have to carry this financial burden alone and may consider filing a personal injury claim against the driver. A thorough examination of the auto accident should reveal if there is enough evidence to validate any civil claim initiated by the family.  

Source: jrn.com, “1 arrested, 2 injured in apparent car surfing incident“, Elizabeth Gadley, Oct. 31, 2014