Premises liability claims pertain to incidents in which an individual is injured on the property of another and due to the negligence of the Nevada property owner and/or another party in possession of the property. From slipping on a wet floor to an attack from an aggressive dog, a successfully navigated premises liability claim may help you recover financial losses associated with the incident. You may benefit from seeking a legal opinion regarding the situation and possible legal remedies. 

If you were injured due to dangerous conditions, it is possible you may not realize that you have grounds for a claim. If you slipped on unmarked wet floors, were bitten by a dog, injured in a hotel swimming pool or negatively impacted due to negligent security, a legal claim may exist. It is worthwhile to have an experienced professional evaluate your case in order to assess the underlying facts and circumstances and determine what steps may be appropriate. 

Premise liability claims can be a result of an accident on either public or private property. It is the responsibility of the property owner/manager to maintain safe conditions. You may feel that your accident was caused by your clumsiness or lack of attention, but in reality, it may have been the result of the negligence of another party. When facing unexpected expenses resulting from even a simple accident, you may have a case.

A simple fall can result in extensive medical treatment and costs. A vicious dog attack can leave you with emotional and physical scars. The aftermath of these types of accidents is difficult, but a Nevada personal injury attorney can assist with a premises liability claim, allowing you and your family to focus on recovery. 

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