Premises liability is a term that refers to the responsibility of a property owner to provide a safe environment. This can apply to private homeowners, casino owners or owners of any other types of premises. When a Nevada resident is injured because of unsafe conditions, the property owner may be financially responsible under laws governing premises liability

There are various ways that a person could become injured due to unsafe conditions or poorly managed properties. Some common dangerous and hazardous circumstances include a wet floor in grocery store, a poorly lit parking lot or even a dangerous dog at a private home. If one sustains an injury resulting in pain and suffering, whether financially, physically or emotionally, he or she may consider taking legal action in order to recover financial losses. 

How can a Nevada resident know if he or she has a valid premises liability claim? If an individual was not properly warned of potential health and safety hazards and was then injured, he or she may have a case. The property owner bears the responsibility of properly warning others of any risk of bodily injury or death. 

There are many factors to be considered, including the circumstances at the time of the accident, lack of hazard warnings and how the property is typically used. Additionally, it is possible that the property owner may be only partially liable for an accident. Premises liability cases are complex and it is always best to have the assistance of a qualified lawyer in order to determine the best possible legal option. 

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