Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Nevada, but they are especially serious when they involve a motorcycle. Because a motorcycle rider is virtually unprotected against the steel frame of a larger vehicle, these motor vehicle accidents often result in serious injury. Due to the extensive damage that often accompanies a motorcycle accident, it is important for victims to understand their legal rights. 

Unfortunately, many drivers who cause motorcycle accidents do not face extensive legal repercussions. For example, one van driver was only given a fine of $70, even though the driver’s actions behind the wheel led to the death of three bikers and injured others. There are similar cases in Nevada and many more across the country, where a driver is only given a minor penalty for accidents that resulted in grave consequences. 

It can be incredibly frustrating to learn that the driver who caused serious injury to a biker is not facing jail time or other repercussions. However, a victim or the family member of a deceased accident victim has the right to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim. A successful civil claim cannot undo damage that is done in an accident, but it can help a family financially recover. 

The aftermath of serious motor vehicle accidents can be emotionally and financially straining. Fortunately, victims do not have to face these difficult circumstances alone. A qualified legal professional can guide a person through the legal process of pursuing financial compensation. Just because a responsible driver is not held legally accountable for his or her actions behind the wheel, it is still possible that the driver is financially liable for damages. Victims can visit our site for additional information.

Source:, “Justice For All“, Dec. 2, 2014